Downtown Lunch Delivery

 Downtown Lunch Delivery

One of the most rapidly progressing, yet most overlooked business models in today’s restaurant industry is the downtown lunch delivery services. There has been a recent trend in the real estate market and society as a whole to move downtown. The nang delivery reason for this growing population in the core of American cities is because of the convenience to work, social life and businesses. With this growing trend people have become busier and since they are closer to the excitement oftentimes preparing food at home for their workday is the furthest thing from their minds. People simply do not have time to pack a lunch for work in today’s busy world.

Food delivery has become the answer for these individuals. With delivery, people do not have to worry about their time schedules. During the business work day downtown traffic can be hard to navigate. By the time a worker gets to leave work, go to the restaurant that they are purchasing from, eats and returns they are more than likely late. Businesses have begun to notice that this is a problem and have begun to utilize downtown lunch delivery. Since there are thousands of people packed into one area at lunch time the profit potential for them is staggering.

While some restaurants offer this service, others do not have the budget to hire extra employees for this type of venture or simply do not want to manage such an endeavor. This is where downtown lunch delivery services are utilized. These types of businesses are run completely different and are unique to the entire restaurant industry. In fact they are not restaurants at all. They are simply delivery services.

The way that this type of delivery service works is that they accumulate the menus from all the restaurants in any given area, usually downtown, and solicit their services. These companies will offer to provide the delivery for the restaurant for a percentage of the food cost or a flat fee. They in turn advertise to businesses that they offer delivery service and provide a listing of the restaurants available. When someone calls to place an order for any of the restaurants that are listed, the delivery service relays the order to the appropriate place and then sends one of their employees out to pick it up and deliver it.

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