Jessica Alba… Perfect?

 Jessica Alba… Perfect?

Jessica Alba. What a doll.

My girlfriend HATES Jessica Alba now because once I said that she was “Perfect.”

Look, no one is Dean Omar  perfect. I’m pretty sure she’s not perfect. I’m kind of fairly certain there is something wrong with her. I mean, I can’t think of it right now. But if you give me a few days…

Ah, I know! The only thing wrong with Jessica Alba is that she would never talk to a guy like me.

Ya know, my girl had a DREAM about the guy from the Superman TV show but I get in trouble for saying Jessica Alba is hot? What the hell!

Whatever. I gotta tell it like it is. Look at Jessica Alba. Jessica Alba looks like Halle Berry if Halle Berry were perfect.


Now my girlfriend will hate me again. Okay. Reason I will never leave my girlfriend for Jessica Alba (besides the reason that Jessica Alba will never speak to me) is Ms. Alba can’t cook like my girl.

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