Learning World History Through Oriental Porcelain Dolls

 Learning World History Through Oriental Porcelain Dolls

Oriental dolls date back to 3000 BC, but it wasn’t until the 1600’s that Oriental porcelain dolls became the exquisite creations we are familiar with today. A widely available selection best place to buy Japanese porcelain ware of oriental porcelain dolls will ensure the perfect doll for your home is out there. Japanese samurai, Japanese brides, Chinese girls with traditional dress, Chinese wedding dolls, Chinese princesses, and Geisha are just a few of the varieties available to the discerning collector. The long history of this region creates colorful, vibrant costumes, many different accessories, and a wonderful display.

Ancient Oriental porcelain dolls looked more like figurines than the porcelain dolls we are familiar with today. The ancient dolls were often one color, but sometimes had two colors for added decoration.
These ancient oriental porcelain dolls were only displayed for celebrations, and children were not allowed to touch them. After the celebration, particularly in the wealthier families, the porcelain dolls were then placed into storage until the celebration the next year. These ancient oriental porcelain dolls, while superb, are difficult to locate, and often expensive.

Having the right display for your Oriental porcelain doll is an important consideration. Hand-crafted Oriental porcelain dolls are best displayed in a glass case to protect your investment from the dust, dirt, and grime created by everyday life.

These dolls prefer a muted background and an indirect light at the base so they can be seen at their best. The costumes are widely varied, but all are bright, colorful, and energetic and are best viewed with little distraction from the background. The Oriental porcelain doll wants to be the center of attention, and deserves protection from the messiness of life in our world. Her dramatic colors, carefully arranged hair and makeup should not be ruffled with the cool breeze of summer you enjoy so much.

Oriental porcelain dolls have a long heritage of accurately representing the garb of the era they portray. The Oriental porcelain doll created to represent the ancient Japanese samurai will teach you, you’re family, and your guests about the history of this ancient protector. The Chinese princess doll from the Qin dynasty will depict precisely the dress of royalty from this era in history. The Japanese geisha doll is a beautiful representation of the ancient performers’ dress. Each Oriental porcelain doll is carefully crafted with an eye for the details. Accessorized

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