Organ Trail Review

Organ Trail Review

Play a Zombie version of the Oregon Trail with Organ Trail!

Organ Trail, is a an awesome version of the cult classic PC game, Oregon Trail, but with zombies… lots of zombies! Organ Trail has your character and 4 others on the road in an old station wagon as you make your way across the United 6.8 spc ammo for sale States to safe haven, from coast to coast. Along the way you will encounter zombies, survivors, quests, bandits and more along the way.

In Organ Trail, you need to keep your team healthy, as well as your station wagon repaired and fueled. You will need to keep plenty of food, parts, ammo, med kits, tires, mufflers, and other important things as you make your way across the United States. You will come across towns in your adventure, where you can shop, scavenge, do quests, and upgrade your vehicle. The quests can be easy or hard, depending on the what the random number generator wills for you, and this randomness works for the traders you encounter as well. Auto Shops will offer to upgrade your vehicle or repair them for cash, and combat trainers will teach you powerful new abilities and upgrades for your main character, which can be crucial depending on your needs. You can also trade with locals who will offer you random items in exchange for items you own, and resting in towns will help better increase your health, rather than in the outside. Your station wagon will worsen over time, and will need to be repaired with spare parts you find, or you can pay the auto shop to do it for you… for a fee.

You will need to scavenge food, ammo, medkits, spare parts, and more as your supplies dwindle, and can be done at any time, but you will need to gauge the zombie activities as well, which can be low activity, to dangerous hordes which will make scavenging exceptionally dangerous. You will also battle bandits at times as well, and sometimes in quests, with the gun combat being a little weird at first (requiring you to click and pull back the mouse, then aim), but you will get used to it pretty quickly. I assume it makes the game more hectic, as you need to use that combat method to fight to many zombies and bandits that you will encounter in your journey.

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