Simple Mafia Wars Fight Tips – Win Fights Without Hurting Yourself!

 Simple Mafia Wars Fight Tips – Win Fights Without Hurting Yourself!

Fighting in Mafia Wars is probably the most important, and perhaps therefore, most difficult thing in the entire aspect of the game. You can do jobs, complete them fast and earn energy, money or whatever. But fighting require .38 special ammo s a different skill altogether. The rewards are of course, quite enticing!

Mafia Wars fights are quite easy if you knew how to pick your targets. In the entire game, if something can improve your rating and increase your wealth fast enough, it should be fighting the other mafias around. Beware, however, because if you end up picking up the wrong targets, you would end up in the hospital, in all probability.

Choosing the target can be the best of the Mafia Wars fight tips. In fact, this is the only process which can guarantee you the right type of success. Huge cash to follow!

  1. To begin with, pick target mafias which have very little family members. Newbies to the game, or lesser experts are available in plenty. Hit them. This way you get more chances of winning without losing much.

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