Take the ‘Cream Trip’ Cruise Around the Bay of Islands, North Island, New Zealand

 Take the ‘Cream Trip’ Cruise Around the Bay of Islands, North Island, New Zealand

Billy and Rolf visited the Bay of Islands in North New Zealand. They went on the famous ‘Cream Trip’ Supercruise from the small port of Paihia. “What an excellent way New Port Residences Price  to discover the Bay of Islands” said Billy. They cruised around on a state of the art Catamaran and saw all the highlights of the area. “Wow, they are spectacular” said Rolf when he saw the Black Rocks at the first stop. “Yes” said Billy “These rocks are unusual formations of volcanic rocks and they can only be found at two places in the world”.

The Fullers company run these tours. This tour is unique because it began as a service to the local islanders. The Catamaran stops at many of the islands to deliver provisions and mail to the islands residents. The views from the boat are brilliant. You can go outside on the deck or stay inside and enjoy the fantastic scenery around you in comfort. “Watch out for the abundant wildlife in the area” said Rolf because they saw some Dolphins on the tour.

During the trip there is an extended stay for lunch on the delightfully named Urupukapuka island. This island is the largest of the Bay of Islands. Billy’s tip is “Enjoy one the scenic walks where you can get fantastic views over numerous islands”. The highlight of the ‘Cream Trip’ tour is a visit to the awesome ‘Hole in the Rock’. “Your excitement will surely grow as, conditions permitting, the cruiser makes a passage through the hole” said Rolf “It’s an amazing sight and feeling to travel through the rock on the Catamaran” agreed Billy.

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