World Of Tanks – Top Notch Shoot ‘Em Up

 World Of Tanks – Top Notch Shoot ‘Em Up

Brought to you by, World of Tanks is a 3rd person shooter where players are thrown against each other in World War 2 style tank battles. World of tanks brings with it great graphics, customisation and simplicity in gameplay. While WoT boasts historical accuracy with its 150 tanks being taken from the 1930 – 1950s era, but yet 30-06 ammo  they have managed to add that extra bit of “awesome” to make it that much better.

Once logged into the game the player is given two/three battle ready tanks one from each nation, a Soviet MS-1 from Russia, a Leichttraktor from Nazi Germany and a T1 Cunningham from USA, with France, UK and Japan being added at a later date. These tanks are pretty poor and struggle to put up a fight, but allow the player to learn the ins and outs of the game and to gain some experience. There also isn’t a tutorial to play before hand so players are thrown right into the action, via a big red button.

All matches involve up to 30 players with 15 players on each side, the most common game mode is deathmatch where players are automatically assigned a team before each round. Along with deathmatch, there is also Capture the Flag and clan deathmatch. Usually though newer players will find themselves joining the standard deathmatch. Newbie players may find this extremely frustrating when they first start due to the effort that world of tanks makes to keep its realism, this means that teamplay is essential with the use of terrain is vital to staying alive.

World of tanks have made sure that they have reached the middle ground between making a tank easy to control while adding in-depth customisation. Tanks are control with the keyboard using WASD keys while the turret is controlled by the mouse, there is also movement with the crosshairs where depending on the action of the player, they shrink or expand. So when stationary the crosshairs shrink, therefore making it more practical and accurate to fire. There are a number of maps that a randomly chosen, these are large enough to allow player to make your way around and ambushes to be setup etc but small enough that it isn’t feasible to get from end to end. The match ends once all tanks on one side are wiped out or a team manages to capture the others base. Once the players’ tank is destroyed, that player must watch from other tanks PoV until the round ends due to there being no respawns.

Once a round has ended, the player is rewarded with experience points and credits, the amount depending on the outcome of the match. Credits are the currency in-game and can be used to purchase new tanks, upgrades or extra crew members. Each nation has its own tech tree where items must be researched before they can be bought and installed on a tank, therefore it is good practise to stick to one nation rather than spread your points to access the larger and more powerful tanks quicker. The player is given a choice over which parts can be upgraded these include, turret, engine and tracks, each one affecting the performance of that tank.

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